ELT Methodology, English language simplification (in grammar, spelling & alphabet), Lexicology, and Lexicography

Developing the most effective approaches to teaching English, especially IELTS & English language speaking, learning simple English quickly, and motivating learners of English to speak the language

Free English learning worldwide (in UNESCO) & educating English language researchers & innovators from academia 



  • English (L2; second language, semi-nativeness, professional natural proficiency, literary expertise, American English accent, applied linguistics, teaching experience, language education, teacher education, lexicology and lexicography)
  • Persian/ Farsi (L1; first language, mother tongue, literary expertise, standard accent, teaching ability)
  • French (foreign language, working proficiency, written language knowledge, teaching experience: basic communicative French to speakers of English)
  • Arabic (foreign language, standard written working proficiency, religious texts)
  • Spanish, Italian, German (learning, linguistic knowledge)
  • Modern Indo-European languages (Knowledge about the syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse, phonetics, and phonology of languages, primarily of Germanic, Anglic, Italic, Romance, Latin, Semitic, Arabic, and Indo-Iranian subdivisions


  • ELT Specialties: T2T (Talk to Talk), IELTS (Academic and General), TOEFL (iBT), Vocabulary (Advanced, GRE, lexicology & lexicography), Grammar (Advanced, Expert), American Accent, Conversational Speaking, Movie-Based Teaching, Music-Based Teaching, TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching), Book-Free ELT: instructing English language in book-free courses through movies/ films, music, and multimedia materials only
  • Teaching English conversation through conversation (an eclectic method introduced in 2014 by Sadra Golshan Consortium, patented as ‘Talk to Talk’ Methodology, aka T2T Method): a communicative task-based approach to learning English communication and speaking via utilizing the current proficiency command of the language at one’s disposal, making students speak so much so that they can speak and talk in order to be able to talk, drawing conversationally on their individual slips, mistakes and errors. (Refer to the Published Articles: T2T, Talk to Talk Methodology: An Approach to Learning Conversation thru Conversation, Singapore ELT Updates, 2015; T2T Method Revisited: Golshan’s Methodology All the Way from Day One, Sri Lanka SLA, 2016)
  • Educating English language proficiency/ competence (communication, language skills and components) to personalities, celebrities, and boards of management according to their narrowed-down personalized needs and requirements (from beginners to advanced)
  • Instructing online English speaking skills for (general/ business/ career/ ESP) communication, revising written tasks and writings only through telephone/ email/ online Internet (social network) connections, without books or F2F education (professional distant/ virtual e-learning)
  • Teaching for international exams such as IELTS, iBT (TOEFL), PTE, GRE, and GMAT, local English exams, and skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing discretely or combined in that order or otherwise
  • Teaching English Grammar & Vocabulary (up to advanced/ expert level, instrumental for communication and international exams) in a 3-day grammar workshop
  • Teaching English crash courses (Conversation, Speaking/ Listening, Writing, General English, IELTS/ TOEFL, etc.) to whom intending to travel or study abroad or emigrate (over 6000 learners)
  • Tutoring private classes for candidates of national/ international mass exams IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, TOEIC, MCHE, MSRT, etc., Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, & Indonesia
  • Experienced interpreter/ translator (Persian and English) in general/ conversational, and formal/ business contexts for travelers/ tourists, businesspeople, and politicians/ diplomats
  • Accompanying foreign guests (authorities, officials, diplomats, ambassadors, travelers/ explorers) as a host, representative, interpreter, and guide (welcoming them, carrying out their affairs, traveling with them, and seeing them off)
  • Professional translator of specialized and general texts (especially in the fields of tourism, geography, history, linguistics, computer/ IT, accounting, management, politics, economics, humanities, engineering, medicine, arts, architecture, business, shipping, airlines, press and literature)



  • Confidence, management, strong extrovert social relations (with all different kinds of people), high EQ (especially with language learners & the elderly), social psychology, coaching, mentoring, creativity in teamwork and innovation as a team player, thought leading, responsibility, fast learning, proactiveness and response to changing circumstances, diligence, conscientiousness, flexibility, decisiveness, minimalism, resourcefulness
  • Sporting abilities and experiences: swimming, canoeing, mountaineering, lawn tennis, Ping-Pong, horse riding, tae kwon do, badminton, and hiking
  • Artistic knowledge and expertise: calligraphy (Farsi/ Arabic/ English/ Roman calligraphed handwriting, ability to write people’s names for them or produce a work of art), photography (portrait, family, celebration, holiday, nature, social, and urban subjects), journaling (ability to teach how to travel-journal), blogging, page design, YouTubing (vlogging), writing books (especially on vocabulary & lexicology, English language teaching, references, dictionaries & lexicography, tourism & travel tips)
  • Traveling experiences: minimalist traveling/ exploration, traveling around the world for 15 years, traveling to different cities for almost another 12 years, traveling very slowly and attentively and reflecting on each leg of the journeys quite productively on blogs & vlogs, channels, pages and website; holding ELT workshops and TESOL classes in world nations including US, UK, Austria, Armenia, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, Maldives, Singapore, Bangladesh, Georgia and Indonesia
  • Hospitality experiences: hotel manager, working as a manager in a Supermarket for two years, Public Relations Manager at a hotel for a couple of months, a professional tour guide, organizer and evaluator of travel packages (of a few hotels around the world)


Degrees & Programs (Fields of Study)Universities & CollegesYears
P.D. Admission ApprovedYet To Determine University (USA)
Hon D.A. In ELT Education & ResearchCUNY W.E.M. Honors College2014
MA, English Language Teaching (TEFL)Tarbiat-Modares University, Tehran, Iran (TMU), Research Data Collection in UBS2009-2012
MA MinorAcculturation and International English/ Tarbiat-Modares University, Tehran, Iran (TMU)2010
BA, English Language and LiteratureYU, USA/ UT, Iran2004-2009
BA Minor, World LiteratureAT University, Tehran, Iran2005-2007



Courses & Programs (Certificates)Universities & CollegesYears
State-of-the-Art ELTCommunity College, NYC2018
Lexicology & Lexicography (Neo-Lexicon School)CUNY W.E.M. Honors College by MW2017
First Degree (Introduction), Location ScoutingUniversitas Gadjah Mada2015
Budget Traveling (Programming) & Minimalist Traveling (Practicality)Naxcivan Universiteti2014
Dictionary Editing (Lexicography)Istanbul Universitesi by OUP, Istanbul, Turkey2013
Certificate, ELT Practicum for EducatorsAmerican University of AM, Yerevan, Armenia2013
Degree A, ELT Management (Theory to Practice)Universiti Malaya, KL, Malaysia2012-2013



  • Cambridge International Certificates of Teaching English (CELTA and DELTA admission, 2020-22)
  • Certificates in Psychology of Social Relations, Training of Trainers (TOT), Travel Photography (Portrait and Social), Hotel Management (Boutique Establishments), Budget Traveling (Minimalism), Tour Evaluation (Tour Management/ Programming), Location Scouting (Off the Beaten Path), Tour Budgeting (Tour Programming/ Reports), Travel Consultation (Prerequisites), TVTO, Tehran, Iran: 2012-2016 (crash courses and exams)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)/ May. 2015, Tehran, Iran: Expert User (8.5-9)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge English Language Assessment)/ Mar. 2015, KL, Malaysia: Exceptional/ Grade A/ CEFR Level: C2
  • Internet-Based mock standardized Test of English as a Foreign Language/ Feb. 2011, Tehran, Iran: 112 (expired validity); Mar. 2015, Georgia: 117
  • Honorary member of Professional English Teachers of Tehran, as of Jan. 2011
  • Member of International Group TELSI for Teaching English and Literature Society of Iran, as of Sep. 2010; publishing member of TELL Journal
  • Head of the English Language and Literature Club (ELLC) board of Trustees (3 years) 2004-2006 & permanent honorary member (as of 2006)
  • Active member of the Film and Theater Community, YU (2005)

Foreign Organizations/ International Centers

  • Lecturing at the ELT faculty of International Relations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran, Iran) (2016- )
  • Researcher & Lecturer at UN Cultural Center of Languages, NYC (2015- )
  • Lecturing & Tutoring at University of Tehran, Foreign Languages Faculty (ELT, TEFL, TESOL, IELTS & TOEFL courses) (2014-)
  • Full-time internship at UNHCR (Clerical work, correspondence, etc.) (2016-17)
  • Teaching Conversational English lessons at Slovak and Hungarian embassies in Tehran, Iran (2015-17)
  • Interpreting, translating and verifying documents at Belgian and Hungarian embassies in Tehran, Iran (2015-16)
  • Translating part-time for Chamber of Commerce Iran-England (2015), Chamber of Commerce US and Europe (2014)
  • Translating documents and news both Persian to English and English to Persian at Indian Embassy (2014)
  • Interpreting in international contracts and negotiations with multinational companies and with the organizations MAPNA, Microtel, Iran-Bartar, Asphalt-Tous, ZarrinBarg Publications, etc. (2010-2015)
  • Participating in national and international fairs, conferences and seminars independently, as a representative, and/ or as an interpreter/ translator (2009-2015), Iran, France, Germany, Armenia, Malaysia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Singapore
  • Translating and providing researched-based subtitles for movies, animations and documentaries (over 15 productions) (2008-2009) including the ones for National Geographic, Travel, and RTW
  • Interpreting/ translating when accompanying foreign guests (personalities, diplomats, officials, authorities, celebrities and managers) at several hotels, Iran, the Netherlands, Spain & Italy (2006-2009)
  • Teaching basic/ essential French in 8 days through New York MT method (private lessons at multinational corporations) (2005-2006)

Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

  • Teaching academic ELT workshops in Indonesia, Singapore, Armenia, Malaysia, Turkey and Azerbaijan (2013-2018), English Words with Persian Origins, English Expert Grammar for Teachers, Teaching English: Tips and Tricks, How to Befriend your Dictionary, Thesaurus and Collocations, Phrasal Verbs, Emailing and Telephoning for Businesspeople, Plug-Off Book-Free ELT Courses, Speaking-Only Courses, etc.
  • Holding workshops to reinforce education, knowledge and awareness among Iranians regarding English language as a medium to open doors to free flow of information (2016-2017)
  • Holding weekly lecturing workshops (17 Topics) at Conversation House for an audience of over 100, Tehran, Iran (2015); the same in 6 other countries (2016-2017)
  • Holding workshops on English language section of the Iranian National University Entrance Examination in one day (and private teaching in 7 days) boosting 25-50% end results (2002/ 2014-2015)
  • Planning and administering a local conference on the effects of ELT and SLA on Personal Progress (2012)
  • Holding workshops on the linguistic origins of Sexism and its social consequences (2009-2011)
  • The organizer of the 2nd conference of the Innovations of Professor Hesabi, Tehran, Iran (fall 2008)
  • The secretary of the Elahie-Ghomshei Literary Achievements Conference, Tehran, Iran (winter 2007)
  • Teaching and Managing at Language Institutes
  • Teaching part-time and supervising instructors at language institutes such as Proshot, Baran, Safir, Cando, Daneshfar, Kish, BouAli Sina, etc. (2004-2018)
  • Holding Maximizing classes (the highest level) free debate/ discussion and movie/ music comprehension courses in VIP-Talk Language Academy, Tehran, Iran (2015)
  • Running Sadra Language Consortium as a manager (also educator, teacher, and researcher) for 4 years, Tehran, Vanak Sq. (2010-2013)


in Private Companies, Public Organizations, NGO’s & Universities

  • Administering ELT programs for the managers and staff in the establishments such as Asphalt-Tous Holding, Iran-Bartar Factory/ Co., Social Security Organization, Ministry of Labor and Social Affair, MAPNA, Microtel, Saziba Holding, Iran-Polymer, University of Tehran (Faculties/ Departments of Management, Psychology, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, World Studies, International Relations, etc.) (2010-2016)
  • Teaching Social Relations, Sociology, and Sociolinguistics in NGO’s, Tehran & NY (2012-2014)
  • Lecturing SLA & linguistics courses in colleges, academies and schools, Tehran (2011-2015)
  • Instructing Letter-Writing and Academic/ Business/ Formal correspondence to professors of Faculty of Management, University of Tehran (2011)
  • Curriculum/ syllabus development and materials design for teaching International English to the staff of public organizations and banks (2011) based on my MA Thesis and published articles
  • The Secretary General of the office of university publications, magazines, periodicals and scientific journals, Iran (2007-2008)


  • Translating and editing ISI articles and journal papers (APA style) for Negah Institute (2015-2016)
  • Editing ELT books/ compilations (for high schools) for Kheili-Sabz Publications, Tehran, Iran (2015)
  • Editing and revising online economic articles and reports, Agah Group, Tehran, Iran (2015)
  • Editing ISI articles and journal papers (APA style) for the journal TELL (2009-2012 and occasionally since)


  • Economic Relations of Japan with Iran & SA—a Comparative Study, Journal of World Socio-Political Studies, V. 2, Issue 2, University of Tehran, Tehran: 2018; pp.287-319.
  • T2T Method Revisited: Golshan’s Methodology All the Way from Day One, Sri Lanka SLA, 2016. (Data, Community College NYC)
  • Historical Geography of Tehran (Region 1, District One, Tehran Municipality): Neighborhoods of Farmaniye and Kamraniye, Sadough Publications: Tehran, 2016 (1st & 2nd edition)
  • T2T, Talk to Talk Methodology: An Approach to Learning Conversation thru Conversation, Singapore ELT Updates, 2015
  • Expert English Grammar Course, CUNY W.E.M. Honors College, TESOL, 2014.
  • Associative Learning, Revisited for English Advanced Vocabulary, an approach to memorizing English vocabulary by associating them with Movie Titles, 2014.
  • Curriculum Development and Materials Design for International English, state-of-the-art article, 2013.
  • ELT Education Systems in Countries with Most-Visited Touristic Attractions, UBS, 2013.
  • Foreign Language Education in Iranian National Documents, MLJ: 2012.
  • English-Only Discipline in Iranian High Schools: Analysis of Documents and Stakeholders’ Reflections, Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat-Modares University, Tehran, Iran: Winter 2012 (MA THESIS)