These are the scientific and educational innovations and patent inventions that SGolshan has come up with.

The projects SGolshan is currently running include: 

  • A1 Dictionary
  • English Words Indexed
  • All Phrasal Verbs
  • Collection of Collocations
  • Colorful Alphabet
  • Completest Lexicon
  • Comprehensive Listings (Affixes, Irregular Verbs, etc.)
  • Cryptic Alphabet
  • Dictionary of Prepositions
  • English Compact
  • English Language Maps
  • English Placement Test
  • English Simplification (grammar, spelling, alphabet, etc.)
  • Expert Grammar
  • IPA Simplified
  • Letters of Alphabet
  • Motion Dictionary, My English Notebook
  • My Favorite Words
  • Other Pronunciations
  • Practical Thesaurus
  • Reminder App
  • Reverse Dictionary
  • Same but Simpler
  • Simple Ample Dictionary
  • Spelling Handbook
  • Tenses Illustrated
  • Title Vocabulary
  • Unexpected Exceptions
  • Useful Etymology
  • Vocabulary Bracelet.

The results and findings, upon their release, will be reported here. STAY TUNED!

SGolshan’s Phonetic Alphabet (SPA)


SGolshan’s Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). It was devised by Sadra Golshan on Apr. 13, 2018 and introduced officially on as a standardized representation of the sound of English spoken language, The SPA claims to be more user-friendly than IPA and other similar phonetic systems and therefore, is used by SGolshan Consortium.